Fine Sushi dining in Ginza

Fine Sushi dining in Ginza

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Once in a lifetime we get to experience that sushi ex president Obama had before going to meet Prime Minister Shinzo Abe back in 2014 in Ginza, Tokyo. No secret that they had dinner at Jiros sushi, but we must clarify that Kyubey was his choice before that.

Im lucky enough to say that I enjoyed a full course meal at this amazing place. The taste, every movement and the company I had made this moment memorable and unforgettable. Thank you to my long time friend Miya for her geisha skills and for serving me sake each time my cup was empty.

We spent about 2 hours in the place and enjoyed a lot of different dishes, all recommended by the chefs. Take a look:

Fresh Uni

Fish jelly


So far my favorite of all times: anago

My favorite person of all times forever: Miya. You are so pretty, my darling.

If you are planning to visit Kyubey, this is how the entrance looks like. O found quite hard to find the place since I cant read a lot of Japanese, but, I found it and I totally recommend your visit. 


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