Casa Larica

Casa Larica

No, this is not a restaurant.

This is the space where I could finally put together everything I have been carefully collecting during my travels to decorate my wall of memories. Here is the space I finally can have a big table to host the loved ones and to share with them my favorite tastes, my Japanese knife and my Chinese spices. Heres where I finally have a queen size bed. And, most important of all, a kitchen, where all the magic happens. This is my apartment and here I host privet dinners specially designed for you to create moments, connections and memories.

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Aulga x Casa Larica

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Sábado 2 de Septiembre recibimos a la chef Olga Barbash, responsable por la marca Aulga - Postres Artesanales para una cena tradicional rusa en Casa Larica. Natural de Belarus y familiarizada[...]

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