Casa Larica

The Guest House

If you are interested in getting to know Montevideo, Uruguay in a more elevated fashion, here the place for you.  Casa Larica is a recycled apartment from 1982 located the Old Town of Montevideo, also known as Ciudad Vieja. Here you can enjoy a full experience, from breakfast included stays to an unforgettable privet dinner experience prepared by one of our invited chefs. Are yo planning a trip to Uruguay? So this is the place you want to stay at.


Dining at Casa Larica

Aulga x Casa Larica

Sábado 2 de Septiembre recibimos a la chef Olga Barbash, responsable por la marca Aulga – Postres Artesanales para una cena tradicional rusa en Casa Larica. Natural de Belarus y familiarizada[…]

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