Brunching in the forrest

Brunching in the forrest

By In Cenas con María

1 hour away form the center of the city, there we find this place. A little (not that little) lake with floating statues, a horse, dogs and cats. We cant forget to mention the 4 or 5 sets (huge sets) of tables for 10, 12 people around that modern yet rustic house.  In a place like that, working could’t be hard.

A few weeks a go I met Nico, a young chef (as I like to call him) who wrote me, a few months a go, on Facebook asking for a opportunity to join my team. Casually I was at his hometown and immediately we scheduled a visit to the central market. Food hunting, our favorite activity so far.

Nico is young, fresh, so alive and full of hunger for creation. I am more of a «nonna» kind of cook, I like abundance, full bows and pots, he is more of a precise human, with pins and equipments ready for any emergency. I liked out groove a lot and proud could be the word that defines our collaboration.

The menu made so much sense that words will not describe. Not to tell about the explosion of flavors…Delicasy, outrageous. I can only be thankful for the experience. So thank you, Nico.



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